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  • Ortho Ant B Gon MAX Ant Eliminator Liquid - 100mL

    Item #: 5045034
    $5.57 EA
    Was $6.99 EA
    Problem ants find Ortho® Ant B Gon MAX® ant eliminator liquid as desirable as it is effective. Ants are attracted to the liquid bait and take it back to the nest where it destroys the whole colony- including the queen. For use as a spot or crack and crevice application only; only a few drops are required to treat unwanted ants. Can be used under sinks and heavy appliances, at expansion joints, utility entry points and along baseboards and mouldings. This formula controls ants both indoors and out.
    • Eliminates the entire ant colony in up to 7 days
    • Contains a liquid bait that attracts ants
    • Apply as a spot or crack and crevice application only
    • Provides effective ant control indoors and outdoors
    • 100 ml
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