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  • Home Gardener 1L Ready to Use Totalex Grass and Weed Killer Herbicide

    Item #: 5048931
    $12.99 EA
    • Non-selective herbicide
    • Treats 20m2
    • Controls most annual and perennial grasses, including lawn grasses and quackgrass, broadleaf weeds, such as chickweed, ragweed, knotweed, poison ivy, Canada thistle, milkweed, bindweed and brush
    • Absorbed by leaves and moves throughout stem and roots to control the entire plant
    • Wilts and browns plants within 48 hours
    • Plants usually dry up within 7 to 14 days
    • No soil activity and will not run off to affect nearby vegetation
    • Spray will damage or kill any desirable plant it contacts
    • Do not spray in windy conditions
    • Repeat treatment may be required after heavy rainfall
    • No residual activity in soil
    • Ready-to-use
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